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Phase 1

Assessing Behavioral DNA for Educational and Occupational Pathways

Phase 2

Alignment of the personal characteristics with the expectations of parents, school education system to list fitted career alternatives.

Phase 3

Making the Right University Program Choices based on Personal Interests and Strengths

By Help of TalentChoice, You Will Be Able To

Students often aren’t aware of their own skills and experience, or what different jobs require. They need more meaningful careers advice. These mismatched graduates face poorer prospects and lower earnings than their peers who embark on careers that are a better fit for the knowledge and skills they have acquired through three or four years of study. It suggests that traditional careers advice isn’t working. (The Guardian – 25 January 2018)

Employability and readiness for your future career should be the most vital criteria for your choice in university and program selection. For that reason, explore your potentials for a wiser career path by understanding your hidden talents. Invest in your future by turning your talents into mastery.

"Dream ahead, think ahead, act ahead and make the right university choice"

What Is TalentChoice?

TalentChoice is a scientific approach for a successful career and university program selection system.

Increases personal awareness by exploring students' interest areas, strengths and occupational orientation.
Allows career positioning based on students’ characteristics and current career trends.
Supports students to make the right choices for their university programs.
Helps students to overcome employability challenges bu focusing on individuals’ career and life successes.


High school students
University students
Aspiring self-improvement

What mistakes do students make In University And Program Selection?

Mismatched program selection with the career targets and personal characteristics.
Unfitting concentration area or minor program selection.
Unsuitable elective course selections.
Undermining the power of soft skill development.
Incompatible internship(s).

Answers To Be Enlightened By TalentChoice

What are your strong competencies?
How can you exploit your talents?
Did you discover your occupational tendencies?
How should you shape your future career?
What areas should you stay away from?
What is needed for talents to develop to expertise?
What do you need to be the best candidate for your dream job?
Which higher education program sets for an individual pathway to meet your needs and goals?
What are the likely career targets in alliance with your competencies?
How should you develop yourself during your higher education?

How Does TALENTCHOICE Contribute To My Future Career?

By discovering yourself you will be able to make better educational choices.
You will be able to explore your own career path options.
During your university education you will be able to develop yourself consciously.
Your education aligned with your potentials will enhance future career opportunities.
Orchestrated soft skill development program will support your career journey.