Educational Support Solutions For the Schools

Schools can design their educational systems based on exploring behavioral competencies and strengths of their students and teachers.


How does TalentChoice help schools and institutions?

TalentCLB offers TalentChoice to the schools or institutions which aim to develop and motivate their students based on their competencies and undiscoverd talents, in addition to counseling and guidance by employing the appropriate skills of the students in the best way.

What is the TalentChoice® Solution?

How does The Birkman Method® questionnaire provided by TalentChoice® help schools for example?

TalentChoice® helps schools to assess their teacher’s job fit via their undiscovered behavioral DNAs and at the same time draw school’s competency maps.

Schools will be able to align the student’s personal characteristics with the expectations of parents, school education system & career management by determining student’s educational choices based on their individual learning grids & occupational orientations.

With this tool, schools will be able to provide much better educational counseling for the student’s university program choices based on student’s personal interests and strengths.


The Scientific Approach Behind TalentChoice®

The Birkman Method® provided by TalentChoice® was created under a rigorous, academic, scientific and business-focused process. The Birkman Method® meets EEOC and ADA requirements and has received favorable legal opinions for use in pre-employment evaluation and career guidance. It has also been carefully reviewed to ensure there is no adverse impact from invasive or intrusive content.

The Questionnaire and Measurement Method of The Birkman Method® has been in use for more than 60 years and has been used by millions people and thousands of organizations worldwide, including corporations, not-for-profit organizations, governmental agencies, families and individuals.

The assessment measures socialized behaviors, underlying expectations and motivations, potential stress reactions to unmet expectations, and occupational preferences and strengths.

What Does Birkman Method® Provided by TalentChoice Measure?

Birkman Method® Life & Learning Styles Grid Symbols derive from a multitude of factors that are measured including Interests, Behaviors, and Needs. They represent a unique aspect with regard to one’s approach, style, and areas of motivation.

  • Strengths
  • TalentChoice uses the term Usual Style to describe how you typically behave. These behaviors are your strengths, and they compose your most productive style. Your Usual Style encompasses how other people see you and how you act when your Needs are met.

  • Needs & Stress Behaviours
  • Needs are your social expectations that create your ideal environment for success. Needs represent how you expect to be treated by other people and your environment. Needs are often invisible. Stress Behavior is how you may act when your Needs have not been met for an extended period of time.

  • Interests
  • Interests are activities that energize you and fuel your passions. Interests reflect activities you naturally gravitate towards and what you like to do, both inside and out of the workplace.

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